NRI has continued to deliver on our commitment to finding innovative solutions to global challenges of poverty, climate change, food and nutrition insecurity, and gender and social inequality.

The relevance of our work has grown, with recent global events including geopolitical tensions, military conflicts and rising food prices continuing to destabilise a world recovering from the impacts of the Covid-19 crisis.

In this decisive decade for the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals, our commitment to excellence in research, development and teaching is ever more important to avert poverty and create environmental resilience, food security and sustainable livelihoods.

Our Annual Review 2023 highlights progress on key areas including food systems transformation, sustainable development, health and nutrition and capacity development. Through dedicated teaching and research supervision, we are also helping shape the next generation of experts equipped with the skills to devise sustainable solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

We report on efforts to tackle vector-borne diseases, support business and enterprise development, promote conflict resolution and peacebuilding, and advance robust localised responses to climate change impacts among other stories. We also feature commentary reflecting our commitment to gender equality, supporting sustainable livelihoods and equipping our graduates to tackle these challenges.  

I am deeply grateful for the unwavering dedication and passion of all NRI staff whose work continues to generate essential innovations and catalyse advancements to tackle interrelated global challenges.

I also want to express deep appreciation for our esteemed donors, partners and stakeholders whose support, trust and dedication make our work possible. With your continued support, we will drive transformative change, translating innovation into meaningful impact for a more prosperous, resilient and healthier future for all.

I hope you enjoy reading our Annual Review and discovering more about how NRI contributes to a more equitable and sustainable world with healthier and more prosperous people. We welcome your partnership and insights and look forward to your feedback.

Read the full Annual Review 2023 here.