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In the midst of escalating global climatic changes, the imperative for research dedicated to understanding and addressing these shifts is becoming paramount. Our research group strives to generate knowledge that informs effective strategies for adaptation and mitigation in both the Global South and the Global North. With members hailing from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, and diverse disciplines (anthropology, development economics, environmental social sciences, biometeorology, ecology, and agriculture), our team aims to respond to the diverse challenges of climate change, conducting cutting-edge research that contributes to the global body of knowledge on climate change, and fosters a community that inspires meaningful action towards a sustainable future.

We delve into the impacts of climate change on individuals, households, communities, ecosystems, and economies, focusing on agriculture, food, water resources, forests, and energy systems. From understanding the dynamics of climate-induced events to developing innovative solutions, our group tackles issues such as: intersecting dimensions of vulnerability; adaptation and mitigation technologies, strategies, and policies; social and ecological resilience; environmental justice; climate change, peace, and prosperity nexus; and environmental attitudes and behaviour.

We employ a diverse set of methodologies, combining qualitative/ethnographic fieldwork, large-scale and complex questionnaire surveys, in-depth case studies, GIS & remote sensing, state-of-the-art data analytics and modelling, stakeholder engagement, and action research. We pride ourselves on diverse research designs, ranging from non-experimental/naturalistic inquiries to controlled and randomised experiments. Our interdisciplinary approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of the intricate relationships between human activities and the environment. By integrating expertise from various fields, we aim to develop holistic solutions that address the challenges posed by climate change.

Group Leaders

Professor John F Morton

Professor of Development Anthropology

+44 (0)1634 88 3064

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Dr M. Mofakkarul Islam

Senior Fellow of Behavioural Sciences (Food and Nutrition Security)

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