This research group is concerned with the ongoing and intensifying damage to ecologies and societies, and questions of justice and sustainability.

Mobilizing and traversing diverse disciplines including political ecology, anthropology, environmental sociology, human geography and the arts, we seek to advance specific perspectives on relationality, (de)coloniality and eco-justice.

We aim to contribute new thinking and teaching on contemporary and evolving research themes, working in equitable partnerships, guided by care ethics to contribute to the amplification and generation of knowledge and change processes for pluriversal, flourishing life.

Diagram showing the theory of change for the Political Ecology, Culture and Arts Research Group.

We are currently working on the following inter-related and evolving research themes relating to diverse ecologies (terrestrial, marine, coastal, urban etc)

  • Relationality, Socionatures & the more than human
  • Ecojustice, Power, & Governance
  • Transformative Change and social movements
  • Food & farming politics and socio-cultures
  • Alternative & post growth economies & commoning
  • Environmental intersectionalities & care ethics

With cross-cutting attentiveness to care ethics, decoloniality and the politics of knowledge.

Group Leaders

Professor Valerie Nelson

Professor of Sustainability and Political Ecology

+44 (0)1634 88 3156

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